The storm is building, getting closer. I quickly change to go for a run.  A friend role their eyes at me, they think I’m mad!

I don’t want to waste any time so I decide not to bother stopping to stretch, this will be stretching to say the least but I am determined to enjoy the bad weather. The lightening strikes, the thunder roars around me and the rain is starting to come. Only a short distance has been covered when the rain comes down with a vengeance, lashing at me as hard as it can. I open my, eye of the storm is looming, getting louder and closer. I look up and smile. This is my kind of weather.  That’s right. This is my time.

As I push further forward the weather is getting worse. The lightening looks so impressive, stretching across the sky. So frightening and powerful, yet majestic and beautiful to watch. My mind is starting to wander, wondering what has made me come out with such a positive attitude when all around me there’s nothing but trouble and heartache. I soon realise that the storm is my life and I’m heading straight at it.

Earlier I watched an old clip of an interview with Bruce Lee and his words start to resonate in my mind;

“I said empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put the water in to a cup, it becomes the cup. When you put water in to a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in to the teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water my friend.”

I stare down and see the water flowing down the road and I seem to be flowing with it. Water flowing, pace flowing, body flowing, mind flowing. The more the rain comes down, the more I push on, quickly deciding to change my route and with that, increasing the distance I will cover. I become the water.

The storm is building momentum, growing in strength. I feel I’m growing in strength too, pressing further forward, always thinking, realising how the storm has similarities to my life right now. For some reason I notice I’m dodging little puddles which is ironic considering I’m absolutely drenched because of the torrential rain. But even that thought turns in to another realisation. I’m skipping over the little things in my life, the little troubles. I want a big puddle to tackle, just like I want a big problem to enable me to take out all the little ones. That big problem soon raises its ugly head!

Water is spread right across the road and on to the pavement. It looks quite deep and the traffic slows down to ease through it. Careful not to create an accident. The water is deep on the pavement too but I don’t slow down, my pace stays the same and I wade through it. Cutting through the water just like I want to cut through a major issue in my life. I become the water.

Further on there are larger puddles. They seem to be getting bigger as I go along the road. A passer-by is coming towards me and a car comes from behind me, hitting a puddle and splashing the two of us. The passer-by is unimpressed and angry with the driver. I shout “BRING IT ON!” This is how I feel right now. Bring on anything you can throw at me. Life throws at us adversities, puts up obstacles to block our path. We have a choice, we can either crash in to the obstacles and be let down by adversities. Or we can cut through them, take them on like a challenge, and become them so we can get through them. The puddles are the obstacles. I become the water to get through the water.

Another realisation comes to my mind. All my life I have achieved what I have set out to do and that seems to be that I have had to beat the critics, from childhood to adulthood. These critics could be the people in my life or the Gremlins in my head. Many times I have been told I am good at what I do but I don’t take the credit. Many times I have felt like throwing the proverbial towel in because it’s one problem after another. For a year and a half now my life has been like the storm. It doesn’t seem to want to let up. It’s time to take the credit. That’s right. Realise I am good at what I do and have got through so many troubles and that I’m still standing tall, achieving great things. It’s time to take the credit and give myself a real good pat on the back. And as I turn the corner approaching yet another large, lake-sized puddle, the biggest one yet, so big I have to detour around it I realise the storm has broke and the weather is brightening. But I haven’t broke. I’m still running. Still getting around the obstacles and troubles that life throws at me. I weathered the weather. Now I’m chasing the storm, coming up behind it runs off in to the distance, breaking down and it’s not as fierce as it was when I set out. The sun is coming out and it’s warm and bright.

Now all I have to face is “the hill” then I will be close to the finish line. I take on “the hill” and seven miles on I complete my journey with a flourish of energy and a sprint finish to the end. Exhilaration, fascination, adrenalin, all rushing through me.

A storm can be powerful and awesome. The storm is your life. Become the storm, and then you too will become powerful and awesome.

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  1. Brilliant metaphor, Darren – and very timely! Thanks for that. Feeling energised now 🙂

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